Cards in a pad are really simple, but make a massive difference

Javan Bramhall, Account Director, Clarke Associates


Does your business card make people pay attention? If not, what’s the point in giving it out? CardsinaPad’s unique booklet of business cards, with its patent pending perforation system, means that every time you hand out a business card, you are going to get noticed, and most of all remembered.


How many times have you pulled a business card out of your pocket and it has been dog-eared and untidy? What impression does this give? With CardsinaPad this doesn’t happen. The cards come in an aluminum container for storage, and then each pack of 25 cards is in its own booklet protected by a rigid cover.

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This highly professional presentation comes at an affordable price. Prices start from just £29 for 200 cards. These business cards are offered with a choice of landscape or portrait and/or double sided.

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